Assigning AppSense Personalisation Server Access Rights


Assigning AppSense Personalisation Server access rights includes the ability to let users access the AppSense Environment Manager web interface and manage some of their own settings, such as rolling back specific settings from archived copies of their profile.

To configure access rights follow the steps below.

  • Open the Environment Manager
  • Select the User Personalisation workspace.
  • Connect to the required Personalisation Server.
  • Select Manage from the menu bar.
  • Click the Access Rights
  • Click the Add button – this will present the familiar Active Directory Select Users or Groups dialogue box.
  • Once a user is found the relevant access rights can be assigned using the dropdown box under the Roles column heading.

If assigning web roles, the user should be able to access relevant functionality via the EM browser interface typically:  http://PSServerName/EMBrowserInterface.