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How to Stop the Microsoft Antimalware Service (MsMpEng.exe)

The procedure below was used to stop both the Microsoft SCCM Agent Service and the Microsoft Antimalware Service when creating an App-V package on a Windows 8.1 reference machine.

The batch file starts the Process Explorer tool that was in the C:\SysinternalsSuite folder.

  • Create a batch file containing the following lines that will stop the SMS Agent Host Service and then open Process Explorer in the context of SYSTEM.
net stop ccmexec
cd SysinternalsSuite
psexec -s -i C:\Temp\SysinternalsSuite\procexp.exe
  • In Process Explorer locate and open the Properties of the MsMPEng.exe process.
  • Select the Services tab.
  • Click the Permissions button.
  • Set SYSTEM to have Full Control.
  • Click the Stop button.