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vSphere Datastore on a QNAP TS-670

  • Access QTS web interface.
  • Open Storage Manager.
  • Select the iSCSI Storage tab.
  • Click the Create button.
  • Select I want to create iSCSI Target with mapped LUN.
  • Enter a name for the iSCSI Target.
  • Select File Based and Instant Allocation.
  • Change LUN name to match the iSCSI Target name.
  • Select required volume.
  • Set capacity required.
  • Repeat the above as required to create more LUNs.

Note:  QNAP recommend one-to-one mapping of iSCSI Targets to LUNs and then combining several LUNs to create a vSphere datastore.

  • Access the vSphere client.
  • Select an ESXi host.
  • Select the Configuration tab.
  • Select Storage Adapters.
  • Select Rescan.
  • Select the newly discovered devices in turn and change the Path Selection to Fixed(VMware).
  • Select the Storage option.
  • Click Add Storage.
  • Select one of the newly discovered LUNs and create the datastore as normal.
  • When the new datastore is available select Properties and then click the Increase button.
  • Add the other newly discovered LUNs in turn to extend the datastore to the required size.